About Us

When I graduated from college and started my career in education, I thought life was set. I was a person that believed in the system.  Graduate from college, get a good job, and provide for your family.  But the reality is, it didn’t.

If you fast forward a few years, I was working 2-3 extra jobs just to make ends meet and still living paycheck to paycheck. As much as I love my teaching career and the impact it has on my students, the pay is not enough to achieve my financial goals.

With this in mind, I decided to experimented with several “side jobs.” I finally ended up coaching AAU volleyball at a national level and having a blast. But, when I took an honest look at the life I was creating, my wife was raising my kids and I was kinda outta the picture.  I was gone all the time.

“I knew things had to change.” So I started looking for a solution. I needed to provide an income for my family without sacrificing the most important thing I could ever give them, my time.

So, what did I do? I started my own business online, LOL.  That was a brilliant idea!

I struggled for eight months. I stayed up late. I studied hard, putting into practice everything I was told to do and didn’t find any success. Didn’t make a single dime.

You have to be wondering, what changed? “What was the turning point?”

My turning point was connecting with Eric, someone who had already succeeded in business. Eric had gone from living in his car to building his own business, making over a million dollars, and living in a house on the beach in California. This was the guy I needed to get around.

My path crossed the right person at the perfect time.

I’m very grateful for his guidance in overcoming the challenges inherent to starting my own business and the personal impact it has had on my family’s life.

Joe Braun – Founder of Braun Digital Marketing